June 20th, New York, NY

GORUCO is a 1-day conference for highly motivated programmers.

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  • Zach Feldman

    Zach Feldman

    New York, NY@zachfeldman

    Zach Feldman is a consummate technologist and has been a tinkerer from childhood. He is a Co-Founder and currently Chief Academic Officer of the New York Code + Design Academy, devising curriculum, hiring teachers, and instructing students. He develops websites and applications using WordPress (PHP), Ruby, Sinatra, Rails, and plain old HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can find him on most online locations @zachfeldman. When he's not writing code, you can find Zach playing his guitar, DJing a party (djmuzach.com), or on a hike.

  • Eileen Uchitelle

    Eileen Uchitelle

    Kingston, NY@eileencodes

    Eileen M. Uchitelle spends her days working on performance and security at Basecamp; or as you probably know it better, the place Ruby on Rails was born. She accidentally started contributing to open source after giving a talk on some problems with Active Record. Aaron Patterson was there and told her "fix it yourself" (not really). When she's not making Rails better by improving Active Record and speeding up integration tests, Eileen enjoys craft beer and hiking in the Hudson Valley with her husband and their dog.

  • Aaron Patterson

    Aaron Patterson

    Seattle, WA@tenderlove

    Aaron was born and raised on the mean streets of Salt Lake City. His only hope for survival was to join the local gang of undercover street ballet performers known as the Tender Tights. As a Tender Tights member, Aaron learned to perfect the technique of self-defense pirouettes so that nobody, not even the Parkour Posse could catch him. Between vicious street dance-offs, Aaron taught himself to program. He learned to combine the art of street ballet with the craft of software engineering. Using these unique skills, he was able to leave his life on the streets and become a professional software engineer. He is currently Pirouetting through Processes, and Couruing through code for Red Hat. Sometimes he thinks back fondly on his life in the Tender Tights, but then he remembers that it is better to have Tender Loved and Lost than to never have Tender Taught at all.

  • Simon Eskildsen

    Simon Eskildsen

    Ottawa, ON@Sirupsen

    When Simon's not researching walruses or playing chaos monkey for the company's infrastructure, he's hard at work taming the wildlife of production, protecting Shopify from flash sales, scale, misbehaving resources and itself. Other than that, as a resident of Canada, fulfilling his obligation to call everyone out when they think they've experienced "cold weather".

  • Godfrey Chan

    Godfrey Chan

    Vancouver, BC@chancancode

    Godfrey Chan is a open-source enthusiast from Vancouver, Canada. He is a co-founder at Brewhouse Software and a member of the Ruby on Rails core team. In his previous life, he was also an award-winning WordPress™ plugin author.

  • Nadia Odunayo

    Nadia Odunayo

    London, UK@nodunayo

    Nadia is a software engineer at Pivotal Labs London, recently working on the Cloud Foundry team. She joined the company after graduating from a software development bootcamp. Before that, while studying at Oxford for a degree in Economics, she fell in love with game theory. Nadia is a tech startup enthusiast, and in her spare time she runs The StoryGraph, an online creative writing publication.

  • Rachel Warbelow

    Rachel Warbelow

    Denver, CO@rwarbelow

    Rachel is currently an instructor at the Turing School of Software & Design and co-leader of Denver's Girl Develop It chapter. Rachel started her professional career as an elementary and middle school teacher through Teach For America while earning her Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She began dabbling in code when she realized there had to be a better way to record, analyze, and share student data. She attended Chicago's DevBootcamp during the summer of 2013 where her team created the SWOTBot, a student data management system. Rachel teaches coding classes to both K12 students and adults. She's passionate about equipping people with skills to change their lives.

  • Amy Wibowo

    Amy Wibowo

    San Francisco, CA@sailorhg

    Amy is the founder of Bubblesort Zines, zines about computer science aimed at high school girls. Previously, she did web development at Airbnb, machine learning research on the ASIMO team at Honda Research Institute in Japan, and HCI research at the University of Tokyo. She also enjoys hardware hacking and the intersection of art and technology-- in particular, making tools that enable people to be more creative.

  • Bryan Reinero

    Bryan Reinero

    San Francisco, CA@blimpyacht

    Bryan Reinero is a Senior Consulting Engineer at MongoDB, helping users optimize MongoDB for scale and performance. Prior to his work as a Consulting Engineer, Bryan contributor to the Java Driver for MongoDB. Earlier Bryan was Software Engineering Manager at Valueclick, leading the design and development of large scale online marketing applications for advertising, retargeting, real-time bidding and campaign optimization. Earlier still, Bryan specialized in software for embedded systems at Ricoh Corporation. Bryan also developed data analysis, signal processing and aeroacoustic research software at the Experimental Physics Branch of Ames Research Center.

  • Robbie Clutton

    Robbie Clutton

    London, UK@robb1e

    From London to New York and back again. Robbie started using Ruby in anger after joining Pivotal Labs in 2012 after years of Java, Scala and a little .NET. Not coding as much as he would like, Robbie now helps run the Pivotal Labs office in London but dabbles in Golang and Clojure when he gets the chance. The best place to find Robbie is on Twitter, @robb1e.

  • Lisa van Gelder

    Lisa van Gelder

    Brooklyn, NY@techbint

    Lisa has over 15 years experience in software engineering, including leading and managing software development teams. Her career has taken her between London and New York at companies ranging from small startups to large media organizations - including the Guardian and the BBC. She is currently VP of Engineering at Stride.

  • Melinda Seckington

    Melinda Seckington

    London, UK@mseckington

    Melinda Seckington is a Ruby developer at FutureLearn, a social learning platform. She loves attending and hacking at Hackdays, BarCamps and other tech meet ups, and since 2009 has been organising them at Geeks of London, including HACKED at the O2 last year. She also is the founder of MissGeeky.com, a blog about all things geeky and girly.


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