Saturday, June 25th
join us for our 10 year anniversary

Goruco is a one day, single track
Conference in new york city





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Your ticket includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a Boat Party, on a Boat.
Attendees are welcome to bring a guest to the party.


If your employer is buying your ticket, or you identify as part of the majority demographics of the Ruby/Rails community, this ticket is for you!


If you identify as a minority in the Ruby/Rails community, this ticket is for you! Please enter DIVERSITY as your discount code. It is 75% of the regular ticket price in our attempt to recognize the gender wage gap in the US as of 2011. This discount made possible by Stride sponsorship.


Bryan Helmkamp

Code Quality Lessons Learned
New York, NY

We started Code Climate with a simple hypothesis: static analysis can help developers ship better code, faster. Five years later, we analyze over 70,000 repositories... Read More

Nadia Odunayo

The Guest: A Guide To Code Hospitality
London, England

You were living alone in the town of Ruby-on-Rails until you decided to open up your spare room to guests. Now your first visitor has... Read More

Aditya Mukerjee

Symmetric API Testing
New York, NY

When implementing REST API servers and clients, testing is critical. Symmetric API testing is a design pattern that ensures compatibility between client and server with... Read More

Fabio Akita

Pipe Operator for Ruby
Brazil, NY

Elixir is one modern language that is introducing many Rubyists to the world of highly scalable, highly distributed, functional programming-based programming. In a more narrow... Read More

Will Leinweber

Introducing the Crystal Programming Language
San Francisco, CA

Developer happiness is what brought me to Ruby in the first place. And of all the new compiled languages, Crystal is the only one that... Read More

Danielle Adams

Ruby Racing: Challenging Ruby Methods
New York, NY

Ruby is widely-used and prides itself on "simplicity and productivity". But what is happening under the hood of our favorite programming language? Are there better,... Read More

Andrew Faraday

Just A Ruby Minute
Surrey, England

Just a Minute the popular classic British gameshow format with some real coding and technology topics. The rules of the game are simple, the results... Read More

Kinsey Ann Durham

Impactful Refactors: Refactoring for Readability
Denver, CO

We have no problem justifying a refactoring effort when it improves performance or eliminates a code smell. What if I told you there's a way... Read More

Rocio Delgado

Database performance at scale for RoR applications
New York, NY

We love Ruby on Rails because we can get a working prototype up and running in a very short period of time. It follows coding... Read More

Ross Kaffenberger

Enumerable's Ugly Cousin
New York, NY

Everyone loves Ruby's Enumerable module. What about Enumerator? Many of us don't what Enumerator is or why it's useful. It's time to change that. We'll... Read More

Aja Hammerly

Exploring Big Data with Download Data
Seattle, WA

Many people strive to be armchair data scientists. Google BigQuery provides an easy way for anyone with basic SQL knowledge to dig into large data... Read More

Adam Cuppy

San Diego, CA

As a team leader, the line between company culture and a dogmatic cult is thin. Embracing individuality, yet finding alignment (as a collective) is tough.... Read More

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May 05, 2016

Announcing scholarship applications 2016


GORUCO’s diversity scholarship program aims to support traditionally underrepresented and/or marginalized people in the Ruby community (including, but not limited to people identifying as women, people of color, LGBT, and/or people with disabilities) who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the conference for financial reasons.

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